Hey friend!
Greg Gramms here. Been doing my internet marketing thing for a few years now and times are more exciting than ever! Everything is so much easier than I thought it would be what with all the push button software and free hosting all over the world wide net! I can't believe that it's so easy to be a professional internat marketer these days - and it's all really cheap or free! Sure beats running a regular bricks and mortar biz, wouldn't you agree?
Here are some of my favorite marketers/mentors/teachers/friends that I've learned a crazy amount of crazy Internet Marketing money tactricks/strategies from. These guys are totally down with what's up!
1. Chris Farrell - He's my A+ man when it comes to getting down to the fundamentals. Nobody - and I mean absolutely NOBODY touches Chris when it comes to telling it like it is in the IM playing field. Check this guy out before you grab any of the new push button software that's around. You'll be able to tell what's what when you get down the Chris Farrell Basics. And with the Farrell & The Filsaiminator BRAINTRUST you're about to get into some serious "Mind Time"!
2. Matt Bacak - I call this man the Golden Boy Of Internet Marketing. Seems like this guy can do no wrong when it comes to showing you how to cash in online. Man, he's put out some wicked courses that you just GOTTA grab before he shuts them down. He actually was Internet Marketer Of The Year! That's some serious stuff there.
3. Russell Brunson - This dude is like the world heavyweight of upsell monetization. Just when you think you know how to  squeeze every last penny out of your customers, this brilliant boy shows you not just new upsell technology, but some serious copywriting wizardry. Does he write it himself. Don't know. But I do know you better hold onto your wallet, or he'll bleed you dry with his brilliance! If you're serious about pumping as much cash into your biz then Brunson is definitely your go-to guy!
4. Saj P. - he's the GodDad of Bad - my boy Saj P. will show you how to rake in the ridiculous using some wicked crazy automation and PSYCHOLOGY! Let's just say this dude is like the GrandMaster of CPA (Cash Pouring Always).
5. Jason Fladien - I call this man the master of simplicity. What do you want? Some sort of crazy program you'll never use because it's way to tech-heavy? Or do you want to make MONEY? I think you know the answer. And so does my boy Fladien. This dude is the real deal when it comes to cranking out cash.
6. Oli Tee - this dude is like the WIZARD OF OZ - except with REAL magic. When you pull back the curtain on some of the biggest launches in internet history, you're gonna run up face to face with the man himself - Mr. Oli "The Wizard" Tee.
7. Tellman Knudson - Everybody online will tell you that the money is in the LIST. This man has made a CRUSADE out of list building technology and is on the cutting edge of the cutting edge of every type of list building mechanism know to MANKIND.
8. Justin Blake - this dude wears his wealth in style. He's not afraid to show off his fancy homes, plans, or cars. He knows what turns people on and you better get turned on to his time-tested and proven sales & marketing tactics...before your competition does!
9. Mo Latif - I call Mo "Mr. Traffic". If you want thousands of visitors to your websites every single day without breaking your arm or your bank, then Mo Latif is your man. I think I've probably bought every traffic product Mo has ever put out and disappointment he did not. If you want traffic then you want Mo.
10. Jani G. - Now Jani. What can I say about "G." himself? Bigger than the "Big G."? This guy is so far ahead of the curve he hits the underground before the digging begins. Every time he opens his mouth or puts out something new my jaw literally drops to the floor - it's like it's ready to start EATING cash just knowing that Jani G. is about to bust open a new cash-grabbing move. Wow. Do NOT miss this guy.